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The Annual Ritual of Loft Building

Every year a common site greets us students.  When the door is opened, a bare room blares back almost intimidating in it's barrenness.  We live with an arrangement of three beds, with the third one up above and between the other two.  There are two desk, the one by the door is really too small to use, especially if there is a computer on it.  There is also a large three-wide closet, drawers, and shelving.

Paul Hummel getting wood for his loft
When building a loft, the first thing that needs to be done are plans of the loft which need to match the specifications (new for 2000), and having it okayed by the RA.  After that, materials are to be had!  There are various layouts for the lofts, ranging from small "corner" lofts, to full spanning lofts, in which there is no center brace (which is what Paul, in the photo, was getting materials for).

sputnick and postal building a loft

After that the pieces are screwed together to start forming the structure.  This photo shows me and my room mate, Ted, putting ours together.  This one was done in 4 fairly equal sections with bolts bolting the sections together and a two section long beam in the front. 

For this loft we had just screwed the boards together with out using joyce hangers because they weren't very easy to put in and line up.  The new rules specify that this can't be done any longer, joyce hangers are now needed.

Finished loft
When the loft is done as shown in this photo, the result is quite a bit more room for all occupants.  For having to have three people to a room, a loft is about the only way the overcrowding can be reduced.  A finished loft provides more shelf space (the third bed), and quite a bit of extra storage space.  For the third person, the cupboard doors can be taken off and this provides built in shelf space for paper work and a computer.

Nathan Brown - 2000.07.29